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While viewing various galleries in New York and Germany, I cam across new mounting possibilities.  They are of museum standard and they are an alternative to canvas for showcasing and preserving your images.  These are produced in Dusseldorf Germany, and London, England and are of the highest quality. In fact, this supplier is the one used in the galleries I noticed.

Images used within the display are by Jacqueline C Agentis.

Original photo print under acrylic glass - backing under Plexiglas & on aluminum: LUMASEC

Your photo presented like a work in a leading gallery or museum - that's our premium product: an original photo print under acrylic glass. Give your image an impressive depth effect and radiant expressiveness. This is the professional's favorite and is available in two glass depths.


Original photo print under special resin - high gloss with rounded edges on aluminum (LUMASEC liquid)

Now exclusively from us: the premium photo backing product ? the original photo print under special resin ("Lumasec liquid"). As an enhancement of our gallery classic, the original photo print under acrylic, your photo is applied to sturdy aluminum Dibond and then doused with water-clear special composite resin by hand. The rounded corners give your image the unmistakeable water-drop effect and a radiant depth effect.




I am in the process of re-designing my blog.  Currently the design (shown here) doesn't quite work with my new website design.

The new design will primarlly center around sharing new and interesting information on photography, mobile apps, tips for the weekend warriors, casual snapsters and pros.  I actually use my iPad as part of the creative process in so many ways.  I will share... 

*My blog is non-political and simply a visual and technological exploration that I share with world.




Workshops!  I will soon be offering various workshops in beginner and intermediate photography; and also photo asset management (how and where to store your photos, editing your photos using computer and mobile devices, sharing photos)

*Personal one-on-one instruction available now.




email: jagentis@mac.com

tel: 484.293.1475

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