Jacqueline Agentis is an award-winning international  photographer shooting for over 30 yrs.  Formally trained, and with some years as a corporate photographer with AT&T Bell Labs, her interest and study has always been in fine art; and Her natural and creative lifestyle photography is praised by many around the country and internationally.  The most singular of her abilities is a gift to connect with her clients...an attribute that helps a portrait become so much more...

Our portraiture is a collaborative effort custom designed for each client. From first contact and consultation, whether by phone, email, or in-person, we focus on you, your ideas, your expectations, to achieve an authentic image that will last.  A legacy image is what we’re after! 

"I''ve come to realize, since my brother passed, that a portrait is not just for you, us, the subject.  As we will absolutely enjoy it, ultimately the photography is for history, for those that come after us; an image your family and theirs will enjoy for many years to come."

My general interest in photography came from my Mother, who sold cameras in a shop many years ago and was a great enthusiast all her life.  "As a child I often wondered, while I and my siblings fidgeted and moaned, why my mother always took so long to ‘take her shot’.  My question was answered when she gave me my first camera.  Now looking back, the few extra seconds, which seemed liked hours, made all the difference...  Those few additional seconds of thought made the difference between a ‘nice snap' and a ‘legacy shot’ we still show and talk about. 

The medium of choice for further study was actually drawing, and intended it to be the concentration for my BFA...then I met the work of Ansel Adams which was not far from the detailed silver point and pen & ink I loved doing. Then I met Alfred Stieglitz and Henri Cartie-Bresson and it was like the medium itself was no longer there or important but only the image and it's impact.  The transition was easy.

"Finding the extraordinary from the ordinary is a photographic aspiration”.  Whether it is capturing the beauty of color, texture, and architectural features in the reminisce of a factory; or the relationship of people with their environment and each other in portrait or street photography…the extraordinary is there to be found."

Jacqueline has exhibited her work in a number of solo and group shows; and her images have appeared in various national and international publications, including NY Tmes.  For the last 12 years she as donated her professional time and talent to several charitable organizations which include:  St Baldrick’s Foundation (Stbaldricks.org), Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky (DSack.org), and the Teed Off at Cancer (teedoffatcancer.org)


email: jagentis@mac.com

tel: 484.293.1475


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